Malzanorian "Mal" Harloon

An Ithorian Jedi from the Old Republic, awoken from a 1,000 year stasis to fight in the Clone Wars.


Scout 1/ Jedi 6

Str 16; Dex 10; Con 13
Int 12; Wis 16; Chr 14

Fort 19; Ref 19; Wil 23

HP 58; Threshold 19
BAB 6; Lightsaber 10 hit/ 2d86 damage

Trained Skills:
Endurance 9; Initiative +8; Jump 11; Knowledge Life Sciences 14; Perception 11; Survival 11; Use the Force 15

Acute Senses – Reroll perception checks

Force Pilot – employ Use the Force in place of Pilot skill

Block and Deflect

Ithorian Bellow 7 vs. Fort; 6 square cone; 3d63 sonic damage; Drops 1 down condition track

Weapon Proficiency: Lightsaber, Simple Weapons and Pistols,
Shake it off,
Force Sensitivity; Force Training: Surge, Force Slam, Mind Trick and Move Object,
Weapon Focus Lightsabers,
Vehicular Combat,
Skill Focus (2) Use the Force; Life Sciences,
Skill Training: Initiative,
Ithorians reroll Survival checks

Equipment: Lightsaber (Red)


1,000 years ago Malzanorian was a Jedi apprentice fighting against the Sith Warlords. Paranoia regarding Sith influence among the Jedi was rampant and Malzanorian was accused of being a “darksider.” Removed from the Jedi Order and sentenced to life imprisonment, Mal was en route to prison when his ship was lost. As is customary when transporting darksiders at the time, Mal was held in stasis on board ship where he is found at the beginning of the campaign.

Mal’s time among the Jedi was brutal and violent. He and his Master, Jedi Knight Kintara Brace, found themselves in direct conflict with a never ending stream of Sith Forces. Mal took much life and it left a mark. When Kintara fell to a powerful Sith Lord, Mal assumed he too would die, but Darth Riven spared him with little more than a laugh.

The Jedi Inquisitors did not believe Mal’s story. How could a padawan survive when the legendary Kintara Brace had died? The Force revealed Dark Side taint on Mal and they concluded that he had struck a deal with the Sith Lord. Mal did little to defend himself, stoically refusing to enter a plea at his trial. He said only this, “We know neither ourselves nor our enemy. How can we hope to prevail?”

Malzanorian "Mal" Harloon

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