Star Wars: A Gathering Storm

Open Case File: Malzanorian Harloon (from the Jedi Archives)

Following an extensive holo-interview conducted by Master Orlo Krell, former Padawan Malzanorian Harloon has been placed on probation pending an in-person meeting with Harloon to determine the extent of dark side taint present.

Per Master Krell’s request, the following is added to the archive: “It is my recommendation that Malzanorian Harloon be held in preparation for a new trial. Harloon’s status as a hero of the Sileans is questionable at best and muddies an already obfuscated situation. While indeterminate, Harloon’s responses indicate a questionable and potentially dangerous attitude concerning the Force.”

Based on suggestions from the Silean government Harloon has been remanded to the oversight of the Scout Service and specifically the commanders of the star vessel Searcher.

A formal, in person interview will be conducted at the earliest possible convenience.



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