Star Wars: A Gathering Storm

Malzanorian Harloon - Transcript Part 1

Transcribed from the statement of Malzanorian Harloon to Jedi Master Orlo Krell.

Malzanorian Harloon: Naturally I thought we had arrived at the prison, but it became readily apparent that the humans staring at me were more confused than I was. The Force was no help and, at first, I believed myself to be suffering from hybernation sickness.

Orlo Krell: Hybernation sickness is not believed to impact our ability to engage the Force.

MH: Yes Master.

OK: Please continue.

MH: They informed me that it had been a long time since my confinement, but they lacked the frame of reference necessary to indicate exactly how long I was asleep. It struck me as preposterous, so I did not believe them.

OK: How long before you could access the Force?

MH: Instantly.

OK: But you said…

MH: I said the Force was no help. It was murky, like swimming through sludge.

OK: Exactly who found you?

MH: They were from the scout service, but at the time I thought they were scavengers. I played along with their ruse, or what I thought was a ruse at the time, regarding the length of my sleep because they seemed to pose no threat to me.

OK: How did you know they posed no threat?

MH: Instinct. There was little time for thought or discussion. A pack of aggressive predator lizards entered the ship and it was necessary for us to retreat. We fled from the ship as best we could, but the lizards were tenacious. The prison transport’s power had long since ebbed away and only the presence of a small droid allowed us to temporarily power up doors and other necessary functionality.

OK: Did you kill any of the lizards?

MH: It was necessary to fight them off.

OK: Did you use the force to fight them off?

MH: No. I employed [term translated from Ithorian meaning “Divine Syllables” commonly known as the Ithorian Bellow].

OK: Why not use the Force?

MH: I had no light saber at the time. As I said, we were being chased and I was acting on instinct.

OK: Reports indicate the old transport was in a problematic position. How did you escape?

MH: There was a shuttle, which we used to glide down to the hidden cave. The pilot Fry is quite talented; she employed the gravitational landing skids to skim our way down with minimal damage to the craft.

OK: The hidden cave…where you found this? [Master Krell notes the Sith Lightsaber]

MH: And the battle droids.

OK: Yes, the battle droids. But there was something else, something that disturbs you still.

MH: Yes master. The source of the fugue in the Force.

to be continued…

Fry-Pendar Diary Entry 1

The Dr. is pathetic. I have never met such a weak man. We arrived at Pendar and all was well as long as things were going along according to his “plan”. We found what appeared to be an old base from some long forgotten time period. We also found a ship of unknown name and origin. Dr. Heuer stated we should search that first while others dispersed to different areas.

It turned out to be some sort of prison transport when I hot wired Twiki into the system for power.

We found one live specimen accused of being a “darksider” whatever that’s supposed to mean. The good Dr. turned white so I’m assuming it wasn’t a good thing. After thawing it out we discovered his name was “Mal” Harloon, I just kept calling him “darksider”, sounds much more intriguing and intimidating. It also seemed to make the Dr. jump every time I said it and couldn’t decide which was more fun. Mal was starting to sound like a broken record about this light saber thing. When I did end up finding one for him he didn’t like the color. I didn’t realize this was supposed to be a fashion statement. To each their own I guess.

The fun came along after we freed Mal and these green dog-like creatures started to pour into the ship one after another. Thanks to Twiki’s power supply and an old shuttle we were able to escape briefly. This Mal character was the one who ‘pushed’ the ship out of the dock using this ‘force’.

We found a couple of tunnels on the plateau we landed on. I complete drained poor Twiki on the landing, but after Cage saved us from getting our asses toasted by a bunch of tin rejects in a cave we were able to rig something back up for Twiki. If I ever see a B-1 battle droid it will be too soon…well at least one with its cannons aimed at me, I don’t shake that easily. I should actually thank him for that one of these days…

The odd thing was Mal kept talking about this bad feeling he was having, anger, something, and something else. I didn’t feel anything, just a little sore from getting shot. He’s an odd one, but I kind of like having him around after seeing him battle the red “ghost” in the other tunnel. It must have been something important because Mal talk to this thing called “Ezerhaden” I believe? He wasn’t so tough after Mal forced him over the edge and stole his idol. The escape was the fun part! The second cave had all of these men carved out of crystal or something and came alive (they were like statues when we came in).

Oh, then there was the sarcophagus with the body of “Darth Valen” somebody or other? That did give me the creeps. I’ve never had to dig around skeletons before. Dead bodies I can handle, skeletons just seem like they’re going to jump out at you.

After running out of there we heard Skree’s wonderful voice crackling in our ears. He had the ship leveled at the plateau and waiting for us. Very nice of him.

I have to stop here, we have to fight our way out of this system. We’re being blockaded as I write. Both Mal and I are taking a few fighters the other team recovered from the planet, seemed in good enough shape, and blasting our way out!

Malzanorian Harloon - Transcript Part 2

Malzanorian Harloon: I incorrectly assumed the fugue in the force was coming from deeper in the cave because I could sense the Dark Side.

Master Orlo Krell: And the Dark Side was not the fugue you speak of?

MH: The Dark Side is many things, but rarely vague or murky. On the contrary anytime I’ve encountered the Dark Side I found it to be… crisp like a stimulant.

OK: I see.

MH: The cave was old, though not so old as me. It served as the tomb of Darth Valen.

ARCHIVE NOTES: Scout service report on Darth Valen tomb corroborate events and details of the tomb.

OK: And there was a “ghost” who possessed a statue, animated it and gave battle. Is that correct?

MH: Yes.

OK: You defeated this guardian called Ezerhaden? And then took a crystal skull which was a Sith Holo-crystal?

MH: Correct.

OK: You used the Sith lightsaber?

MH: I did.

OK: I know there was a skirmish with the KKree and you found Selia V, but we can come back to that. I’d like to jump to your involvement with Count Duku on Silea Prime.

MH: As you wish.

OK: How did you come to be Duku’s associate?

MH: I and my compatriots from the Searcher were his guests. He sought to curry favor with the Silean people by connecting himself with its new found heroes.

OK: And are you a hero?

MH: I am a Jedi.

OK: Formally this is not true.

MH: You will find Master that many of the truths we cling to depend on your point of view. I do as the Jedi do therefore I am Jedi, but I would never call myself a hero.

OK: Duku is a seditionist, did he try to recruit you?

MH: Vigorously, but not just me. All of us, but only after the attack.

OK: The attack… tell me.

MH: Cloaked vessels approached. Duku’s sail barge was straifed with ion fire and was listing badly. Armed boarders landed on deck and we repelled them. When Frye and Cage had the boarders well in hand I made my way onto the enemy transport where I encountered a lone Jedi.

OK: Jedi?

MH: Woman of indeterminate race, but she looked vaguely human. She was there to kill Duku and sounded more like a Sith than a Jedi…

OK: Explain that – what does that mean?

MH: She was aggressive and angry. She became rapidly frustrated when I questioned her actions and attacked me.

PK: Perhaps she thought you were Sith?

MH: I was wielding a green light foil and I made no move to attack her.

PK: Proceed.

MH: We fought briefly, but she was far too powerful for me and I retreated.

PK: Were you scared?

MH: It was a tactical retreat.

PK: If we can go back… you said earlier that you mistakenly though the fugue in the Force was located in the cave? It wasn’t?

MH: No Master the fugue in the Force is all consuming.

PK: Meaning?

MH: Meaning the Force is different now. It is more difficult to access. The Universe as a whole is less connected to the Force.

to be continued…

Open Case File: Malzanorian Harloon (from the Jedi Archives)

Following an extensive holo-interview conducted by Master Orlo Krell, former Padawan Malzanorian Harloon has been placed on probation pending an in-person meeting with Harloon to determine the extent of dark side taint present.

Per Master Krell’s request, the following is added to the archive: “It is my recommendation that Malzanorian Harloon be held in preparation for a new trial. Harloon’s status as a hero of the Sileans is questionable at best and muddies an already obfuscated situation. While indeterminate, Harloon’s responses indicate a questionable and potentially dangerous attitude concerning the Force.”

Based on suggestions from the Silean government Harloon has been remanded to the oversight of the Scout Service and specifically the commanders of the star vessel Searcher.

A formal, in person interview will be conducted at the earliest possible convenience.


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