Star Wars: A Gathering Storm

Malzanorian Harloon - Transcript Part 1

Transcribed from the statement of Malzanorian Harloon to Jedi Master Orlo Krell.

Malzanorian Harloon: Naturally I thought we had arrived at the prison, but it became readily apparent that the humans staring at me were more confused than I was. The Force was no help and, at first, I believed myself to be suffering from hybernation sickness.

Orlo Krell: Hybernation sickness is not believed to impact our ability to engage the Force.

MH: Yes Master.

OK: Please continue.

MH: They informed me that it had been a long time since my confinement, but they lacked the frame of reference necessary to indicate exactly how long I was asleep. It struck me as preposterous, so I did not believe them.

OK: How long before you could access the Force?

MH: Instantly.

OK: But you said…

MH: I said the Force was no help. It was murky, like swimming through sludge.

OK: Exactly who found you?

MH: They were from the scout service, but at the time I thought they were scavengers. I played along with their ruse, or what I thought was a ruse at the time, regarding the length of my sleep because they seemed to pose no threat to me.

OK: How did you know they posed no threat?

MH: Instinct. There was little time for thought or discussion. A pack of aggressive predator lizards entered the ship and it was necessary for us to retreat. We fled from the ship as best we could, but the lizards were tenacious. The prison transport’s power had long since ebbed away and only the presence of a small droid allowed us to temporarily power up doors and other necessary functionality.

OK: Did you kill any of the lizards?

MH: It was necessary to fight them off.

OK: Did you use the force to fight them off?

MH: No. I employed [term translated from Ithorian meaning “Divine Syllables” commonly known as the Ithorian Bellow].

OK: Why not use the Force?

MH: I had no light saber at the time. As I said, we were being chased and I was acting on instinct.

OK: Reports indicate the old transport was in a problematic position. How did you escape?

MH: There was a shuttle, which we used to glide down to the hidden cave. The pilot Fry is quite talented; she employed the gravitational landing skids to skim our way down with minimal damage to the craft.

OK: The hidden cave…where you found this? [Master Krell notes the Sith Lightsaber]

MH: And the battle droids.

OK: Yes, the battle droids. But there was something else, something that disturbs you still.

MH: Yes master. The source of the fugue in the Force.

to be continued…


1 force point for Mal.


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